About Us

Thick Nocturne Heights Toronto is a website aimed at the development of having mindfulness in yourself and mediation. Developing a thick skin and not caring about what anyone thinks is very important. Many individuals may feel uncomfortable about the way they look or about there body features. If you feel the need to change a feature on your body you should be able to do it without explaining yourself. In other words, having a thick skin not caring about what people have to say. Here at Thick Nocturne Heights in Toronto, we are aiming to help you do what your heart desires our goal is to have a world where everyone feels right and is judged by there true value, not by the way they look. We want to change the world to the point where it should be common to mediate and be peaceful in one’s body and you should not have to worry about what other people think. Nocturne can mean different things but the reason we put it in our title is that it has to do with night time when it is dark outside. When it is dark outside do you care what other people think of you? No, you don’t because no one can see you most likely you will feel at peace not being judged for how you were born and we want to bring that to the public eye we want to be able to have you feel comfortable in the daylight the same way you feel comfortable at night.


Thick Nocturne Heights Toronto will be talking about individuals who are achieving light fullness within themselves in the GTA area of Toronto. This way if a person feels the needs of talking to a person who has been through the process or not they can talk to this person and feel better about themselves. We will be sharing stories of people and how they felt before and how they felt after they have went through a spiritual journey. We really hope you enjoy the content we put out as we are taking this very seriously.