3 Ways to Be More Mindful

Mindfulness is a great virtue and the ones who possess it to know the value it imparts. In the world of speeding tasks and lives on runways, it becomes difficult to organize your thoughts. Keeping your mind aware of the surroundings can be a hectic process. However, there are various ways that help you to be more mindful.

Mindfulness is a term coined for maintaining your thoughts and feelings. The interaction of your intensive thoughts to the surrounding environment is gentle and brittle. It involves acceptance of your feelings without judging them or categorizing them as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. When we bridge a moment between our thoughts, we connect our feelings with the present sensations without thinking of the past or the future. This, in turn, brings justice to your present feelings keeping aside the protocols of what is right and what is wrong which is based on other’s perspectives.

There are different ways to be more mindful as the practice is secular. The roots trace back to the likes of Buddhism where the monks used to re-evaluate their feelings with different processes of meditation and other similar ways. Recently, the practices have entered in the mainstream communities that help you resolve various issues and aid to a balanced mental and physical health.

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How can you be more mindful?

Being mindful is not a drastic experience but a gradual one where it may require a period of time to actually be more acceptable to your feelings. The process involves various ways, other than meditation and breathing exercises which are simple to perform but must be practiced on a daily basis. The practices alert your mind to how it responds to a specific stimulus. The idea is to construct a conduit between mind and the body as our reflexes act accordingly to what we feel. The mindfulness thus helps to put our thoughts on track which help us to plan our actions. The actions are not a hasty decision but a gradual process which yields better results and aid to your personal as well as professional life.

Ways to be more mindful

There are several ways to achieve mindfulness but here we will be discussing 3 ways that will make you more mindful if you follow these practices every day.

  • Walking with awareness: Short walks can add to the mindfulness. But you have to be more aware while undergoing this exercise. It is advisable to take out 10 minutes from the daily routine and walk around. Getting a few minutes of the walk can clear your mind from the overall stress and disturbing thoughts. The next step is you start to re-imagine your feelings and evaluate how you actually feel about a particular environment. You can change the pace of your walks to reduced speed. Another important aspect of the practice is to pay attention to details of your sensation.
  • Engage yourself in hobbies: Hobbies are great ways to involve your body and mind into something which is not stressful. Stress can cause disturbances in the body balance both in terms of emotions and physical. You can write a story depicting a third person through your feelings or can listen to music to savor the essence of life. You can also paint or just observe people around you without judging them. Think of the positive insight and you will have a powerful mindfulness.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: A research has suggested that a good sleep can reset your mind. For that, you will need to keep your phones aside and make necessary sleeping arrangements. Sleep well today for better tomorrow.

This entails some of the several ways of putting your thoughts together and be more mindful.

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